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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Attract Money Herb and Stone Sachet - Wiccan Witchcraft Magick Magic

Attract Money Herb and Stone Sachet -
Wiccan Witchcraft Magick Magic

A simple sachet to draw money forward. We can probably all use this!

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • -Green pouch with ties
  • -Sassafras
  • -Comfrey
  • -Goldenrod
  • -Aventurine

Mix the herbs into the sachet.
  • Bury your aventurine(s) among the herbs.
  • Tie voila
  • You can choose to consecrate the individual ingredients or the whole thing over a green candle.

  • This sachet was provided by BiancaLG, on Spells of Magic.

    Banishing Debt Wiccan Witchcraft Spell


    You will need the following items for this spell:
    • Incense of your choice
    • Purple candle
    • Oil of your choice
    • Rolled parchment or paper, 6cms wide and as
    • long as you like
    • Black pen or pen with magical black ink
    • A pin or your burin
    • Unbreakable candle holder
    This particular spell uses candle and incense magic and, if you wish, the art of magical writing. You could choose incense or oil for purification or protection, whichever seems right for you. It is suggested that you perform this at the time of the Waning Moon as this can be used to help take away the difficulty.

    Light the incense and dress the candle with the oil.
  • List all your debts on the parchment.
  • Draw a banishing pentagram on the back of the parchment. This is drawn lower left point to top to lower right to top left to top right and back to lower left.
  • Carve another banishing pentagram with the pin or burin on the candle.
  • Place the rolled parchment in the candle holder then tighten the candle on top.
  • Do this carefully since your candle will eventually set the paper alight.
  • Concentrate on banishing your debts.
  • Visualize your happiness and relief when the debts are banished.
  • Light the candle.
  • Take the candle to the East and ask that the Spirit of Air acknowledges your intention to be debt free.
  • Replace the candle in the holder, making sure it is safe to burn out where it stands.
  • In your own words, ask for the debts to be banished and replaced with prosperity.
  • Allow the candle to burn out completely, but as it comes to the end make sure that you are present.
  • The paper will catch fire and flare up, so it must be properly attended to.
  • As you do this, be aware of the lifting of the burden of debt. You should not expect your debts to simply disappear, but the wherewithal to clear them should come your way quite quickly. This might be, for instance, in the form of an unexpected gift or the opportunity for some extra work. Once your debts are cleared you are honour-bound not to create the same problems again.

  • Spell instructions provided by Angelina_20 on Spells of Magic website

    Friday, January 11, 2013

    Grumblings at 11 pm

    Alright, back to the bitchin witchy grumblings for the evening. I don't mean to be a downer but I feel that my head is being done in lately keeping these things to myself. First, I will show you a picture that pretty much somes up how I have been feeling. If you are like myself, you probably have that one family member or friend that spends a ton of time complaining about their significant other, acting like they need to "replace" the person, or putting that person down. I honestly think it's so incredibly off putting!

    Pinned Image
    Second little note, is that I would like to point out that just because someone doesn't produce "enough" income to make you "happy" doesn't mean that they aren't perfect for you. Honestly, I thought we had gotten past the times when women felt that they were entitled to stay home and only cook and clean, and moved on to a better time, where people worked together as partners and cared for one another. Pshh. Wow. The last month I have dealt with three different individuals, all of whom think they are entitled to complain about their boyfriends and husbands, just because they don't make as much income as they would like, and although they have no character complaints to speak of, they are intentionally dating other people who have high incomes, just so they won't have to work anymore.

    This is very annoying to me. Not like I can really tell them that though, because it certainly wouldn't be received in the right way, so it's best I just talk to myself, here, instead. Getting it out of my system. Yeah, as a female, it's lovely to have a dream of a white knight and a life of leisure, but honestly, what's wrong with a Knight that makes a fair amount of money, maybe isn't rich, but treats his woman like a queen? What's wrong with that? I would think it would be more important to have a mentally healthy relationship, then one that is solely focused on material objects and financial freedom. Would we all love to have no financial worries? Of course! But why do some females still think it is the male "job" to provide all of the income for the family?

    A little history lesson that most people with common sense already can deduce, but back in the day the REASON women were at home caring for the children and cooking, happened to primarily be because women were not equally treated, nor equally paid in the workplace. Obviously, it made more sense to let the men go off to work and make the large income, then to bother having the woman do the same job at the same workplace for quite a bit less. However, and important movement in American history involved ourselves, WOMEN, asking and protesting for women's rights and equality. WE said that we WANTED to work for the same pay and to be given the same considerations as the men, yet it still seems that some of my friends think they are being unfairly treated because they just MIGHT have to work, and somehow that has made their boyfriends and husbands inadequate as people. Sorry, but I just don't agree with that.

    And on another note, don't people ever stop to think how their treating their partners has an emotional impact on the person? I mean, come on, you can't believe that your boyfriend, or spouse, went to work and said,"No, don't give me a raise, I'm quite content with my current earnings." And all three of the individual men/guys that I am thinking of actually make a fair amount of income, and pretty steady too. It's not as if they aren't providing, it's just that they are subject to their economy as any other poor bloke is right now.

    Pinned Image
    I feel like instead of supporting and sticking by one another, I am seeing an increase in divorce and separation, because there is too much emphasis being put on materialistic ideals and no longer on love. Sorry for this rant everyone, but this is the third day in a row that people have been complaining about their sorry incomes and how they are "tired of being broke" and "need to find a man with real money." I feel like starting to say to people, "And what have you contributed to the situation?" I think people choose to see what they wish. They point their fingers and blame something, someone, anything else, rather than accept that they need to take a more active and concrete role in their own lives. Further yourself, get an education, get a job. If you are having trouble, don't immediately assume that it's not your own fault. That is all.

    I'm in no way saying one should sell herself short or lower her standards. I wouldn't. I wouldn't go purposely picking out a bloke that had nothing going for him, for manifestation is one of the biggest keys to getting what you want out of life. All I am saying is that when you are in an incredibly loving relationship, and the only thing that you have to complain about it money, unless you are with someone who is not working at all, and refusing to help, I feel like you should at least look at what you can do to improve your own situation rather than throw away a good thing for dollar signs. Their are plenty of wealthy people that aren't nice people. It's as simple as that.

    Pinned Image
    I think so many people forget this!
    Goodnight All :)

    Monday, January 7, 2013

    Monday Morning Blues!

    Good morning Dear Ones,

    It appears the holidays are truly over now. We are back to the weekly grind of work! This picture seems to sum up all that I am feeling this morning! Quite groggy actually.

    Pinned Image

    Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I was thinking this morning that I wanted to let everyone know that we have received a new order of peace pipes and smoking pipes in and will be getting them on our website and on eBay this afternoon. These ones are all hand painted and are made of Bamboo. They are quite unique and have been a favorite of all our customers so far, so we decided to offer another set of them for January. We shall see, but I think you will find them quite impressive!

    We are also going to be adding many new information pages to our website, so please stay tuned for that. If there is a particular topic that you are hoping to know more about, you could certainly always message us and we will see if we can put an informational page together on that subject so others that have similar questions can access it as well.

    Had a particularly interesting dream last night. One of my jinn came through to me to let me know that my aunt who passed on last year was quite happy with my writing skills. She was a newspaper editor, so I found that quite enjoyable. She wrote a column for a while as well, so it's quite nice to hear that she is pleased with my ability to get my point across on here. It really prompted me to get on her this morning, groggy or not, and let everyone know that your spirits that serve you and your spirit guides always surprise you. They get and give messages that you aren't even expecting! I had been feeling someone hanging around me (spirit form) lately, which isn't very unusual considering our family line of work, but this being wasn't leaving much and seemed persistent so now I do believe that it must of been her watching me.

    I woke up feeling so peaceful. Don't forget to thank your spirits for giving  you messages and bringing your passed on loved ones through to you like that. I think sometimes we forget that they are doing us such an honor by serving as the communicator and voice.

    Anyway, going to pop over to the postman now to send out some of the magickals that people are waiting on. Hope you all have a lovely Monday!

    Sunday, January 6, 2013

    Witchy Musings After The Holidays! Time is Precious!

    Hi there everyone!

    Sorry I haven't been doing many postings lately. We have been busy, both with the general holiday season, as well as doing a bit of traveling to see family. I can truly say I did all holiday shopping online this year, because I find it generally annoying and impossible to deal with the snail traffic and attitudes of other shoppers this time of year.
    Why does it seem that the one time of year that we are "supposed to" count our blessings and remember what we have, happens to have become the most stressful, materialistic, expensive, and most ruthless time of year when people are so rushed and busy that they ignore the real reason behind it. Take religion completely out of it, because obviously I don't follow the Christianity based meaning behind Christmas, but we are still supposed to look at this time of year as a time to self reflect on the past year, love our friends and family, give them little tokens of our appreciation for them, and try to treat others with more kindness.
    Instead, over the last few years, I have seen businesses staying open later and not paying their employees overtime or holiday pay, (something you are obviously not going to dare to make a scene about because you are probably just happy you have a job - and believe me, they know this, and that's why they are getting away with it) people cutting other people off in traffic, having arguments over the last toy on the shelf, my personal favorite, having accidents in department store parking lots and then yelling back and forth about whose fault it is, trying to attend all the concerts, events, christmas parties, new years parties, family gatherings, while still trying to plan and grocery shop for your own family meal, and the whole thing has gone from a humbling and joy filled occasion, to an absolute Hallmark style nightmare. Pretty sad really. Although I can say I was pretty happy with my online Christmas shopping this year, not only because it didn't cost me any gas mileage, but also because it saved me so much precious time. In fact, I am not even sure I would have had gifts for anyone had I not done the shopping online, because getting from one end of my town to the other end was taking over 30 minutes alone.
    Anyway, the purpose of what I was getting at is that this Christmas I spent a lot of time doing self reflection about the meaning of life and why it is so important that we realize how precious our time is. Especially with those who are older than us. I got to spend some quality time with my Uncle who is suffering from cancer and I was so glad that I did. I don't keep in touch with him like I should and we don't know whether we will get another Christmas with him, so it was a truly magickal Christmas to be able to spend with him and the rest of my family. The chemo is killing him and he knows it. But what can he do? If he stops going, the tumors grow rapidly, and when he goes, they don't grow - so in effect its not cancer that's killing him, its the chemo. But the chemo is essential to stopping its growth. Time is the most precious thing we have. I was able to give him several Reiki treatments while we were there so I am hoping that will help him some, and we will be continuing to send him distance healing as well.
    On a more light note, we are finally back home and back to work, and our cats are sure happy to see us! We are going to be working with some new vessels soon, and are quite excited to see what  2013 brings us for experiences and opportunities. Has everyone created some sort of new resolution for this year? I hope you all have. I can share with you that I have chosen to work more on my own healing level. What I mean by that is that I want to clear out all of my blockages and work on healing and forgiving. I also want to strengthen my Reiki healing, as I and my family have been Reiki Masters for many years now, but recently haven't been using it as much as we should!
    I want to do more personal art this year - and even work with some intuitive painting and drawing. I will be working on that and will have to post pictures as I do some. Working on a lot of new things that I will be happy to share as I get going!

    Well, that's all for now. Love you all. Remember that time is precious. That's really the most important thing. You are going to remember fun times you had and memories with your loved ones, not how you "always went to work" or "put work before your family." Its those people and animals that are near to you when you are having a hard time, and we don't have nearly enough time together. Good thing we are enlightened beings, we understand more what and where our loves ones go when they pass on to another dimension, but it's still never easy.

    Talk to you all soon!

    xxx Rebecca

    Friday, November 16, 2012

    Strengthening Commitment Spell - For My Dear Ones Who Need Some Relationship Strengthening!

    You will need a picture of the people you want this spell to effect. Place the picture on a table and place the candles around it. The orange candle symbolizes the attraction the people share to each other and the white one represents the purity they practice when the other is not around.
    You can use more candles of different sizes and shapes, but these two candles should be the minimal number of candles to be used and all the candles you use should be either orange or white. Candles which are orange and white together can also have a greater positive effect for this spell. Light the candles and as they burn repeat the following. As you speak these words, also lift the candles and let the wax drip from them onto the picture:

    Attraction, Truth, Purity and Love.
    Make these two fit like a glove.

    You can also try to speak these words in Latin, giving the spell even more power:

    Verum, sanctimonia, amo, amor.
    Apto manus apto aptor.

    You may repeat the chant if you like, but once cast casting again in a short period of time rarely has any additional effects.

    This spell was submitted by a coven member on Spells of Magic

    Sorry for the absence!

    Hey everyone,

    Rebecca here from Moondancer Originals! Of course, it's midnight! Seems like the only time I get a chance to write to everyone! This week has been extremely hard. Starting to think the solar flare activity and the fact that we had an eclipse, and are now in Mercury Retrograde again have really taken a toll on me! I am going to get some sleep but I will touch base with you all again soon!

    Did any of you get to the new Breaking Dawn Twilight movie Part II yet?! Can't wait to hear what everyone thinks of it! I am trying to go tomorrow night!

    xxx Rebecca

    Wednesday, October 31, 2012

    Midnight Musings!

    Hi everyone,

    I have had a wonderful Samhain with my family tonight and although several of them have already headed up to bed, I have not. I quickly watched the news to see what was going on with Hurricane Sandy and I could not believe my eyes. I have been out of the loop what with Halloween Samhain and having everyone over and did not get a chance to spend any real time watching the news.

    These are some photos I saw that made my heart hurt for the victims of this storm! Stay strong! Our prayers are with you and your families and we will do everything we can to help you! This is a horrible tragedy that we did not need right now! Now that I have seen all this horrible stuff, I am off to bed :(

    Tuesday, October 30, 2012

    Updates, Samhain and More!

    Hi everyone,

    Here I am again, for my nightly rant and chat session. I feel like this blog has been a great addition for me to feel like I am getting to know everyone on a personal level, and you are getting to know my family and I a little better!

    A few updates, tonight I was getting ready for our annual spell casting as a family, which we do every Samhain at around 10 pm. We are SOOO excited because we can already feel the spirits lurking and wanting to come through the veil. There are so many, and so many people have recently passed that want to give messages to their loved ones, etc.

    We are very interested in hearing how everyone does with their ceremonies. We find that every year turns out completely different and we have high hopes for this year as well.

    If you are interested in letting the spirits KNOW that you are welcome to them coming by tomorrow night, make sure you FEED them!

    What does that mean? For those who are new to this, or haven't completed a Samhain ritual before, this means that you need to go out front of your house around 6 pm your time, and place offerings of milk and barley outside under the stars to ease the ghosts' hunger, prevent mischief, and accrue their blessings. If it is not dark yet where you live at 6 pm, you may want to wait until 7, but make sure you do it early enough so you give them time to realize that you are welcoming them!

    Then, I also take an incense burner and place mugwort, wormwood, charcoal disc and granular incense in the burner and light it on my front porch. The combination of mugwort and wormwood will invite them in, call them forth, without you even having to do so, and allow them to gather round and partake in your evening!

    Beware: The incense IS NOT to be burned inside your house because of the herb containments. This is very important. Burn outside only. ALSO! I always say a blessing at my doorstep first, and lay a thin line of salt at the door, so any malicious spirits may not cross. Only the good ones in your home!

    Just know that when you do this, you are opening your house up like an open house! You will basically feel that the whole evening your house is full of activity, busy, and you will maybe at times even feel like it's getting crowded!

    When you are finished for the evening and want them to depart, be sure to stand at your door, let them know its time for them to return to their realm, and blow out the incense, or douse with water, just MAKE sure it is out, and then remove the offerings you placed outside!

    The feast and offering time is over, everyone will have had a terrific time, and they will feel grateful, as you will to, for the company and companionship!

    Tomorrow night will be an excellent night the ouija board also! So, if you are up for allowing them to talk with you freely, go ahead and do so! Just be sure to do your blessings and protection first!

    Alright, that is all for my notes on Samhain!

    We have already gotten all of the groceries today, as my sister, brother, and mother are all helping me with the cooking. My aunts, uncles, and cousins are all going to be coming in the mid afternoon and the party will be totally started by 5 pm, with dinner at 7 pm sharp! I am so excited to see everyone!

    We are also having our Samhain Altar Contest tomorrow night, with the deadline at 10 pm and judging following that deadline! We will post the following day the winning altar picture on our website and that person will win the gift certificate and spell cast candle! We are excited to see who has won and we have received some very interesting altars!

    Finally, if you have not already submitted your altar, go ahead and do so at my email address -

    We have also been requested to do a few custom conjures and custom castings, as our conjurer friend who lives in Norway is also going to be doing as well, and we will be doing those tomorrow night as well. We will have plenty of new exciting additions for you to purchase, in the next week or so, after tomorrow night!! The moon is going to be so energized, the veil so thin, and we will walk with our deceased loved ones hand in hand!

    A bon fire, good friends and family, a cool chilly breeze, pumpkins and candy for the kids in the neighborhood that always stop by to see us in our witchy attire! I cannot wait to see all the wonderful little ghosts, vampires, princesses and pirates that will come to our door!

    Hope you all have a blessed Samhain! Eat too much, be merry and welcoming of your spirit friends and family, and rejoice and pay reverence to the memories you had to share with your departed loved ones! This is the best night of the year, dedicated to those individuals who left a lasting impression on our hearts and souls, and that are with us tomorrow night, even if we can't see them with our human eyes. We will one day soon see them, or for some of them, you will see them tomorrow night, and dance once more with them till dawn!

    Namaste' Loved Ones, Friends and Fellow Witches,

    Have A Blessed Samhain!

    xxx Rebecca

    Monday, October 29, 2012

    Just an FYI - New ITEMS In! Not EVEN On Our Store Yet!

    Hey everyone!

    It's me, up late working AGAIN! How is everyone? Are you ready for Samhain yet?! I hope you are! To all of my friends on the Eastern Coast of the United States facing the threat, or currently experiencing hurricane Sandy, please please please be safe! We are sending energy as a family to reduce the strength of this storm! Join in my lighting a candle and asking Gaia to relieve everyone of this dangerous storm! Visualize the energy coming out of the top of your crown chakra, and out of the tips of your fingers, and a huge beam of golden light radiating out all the way to the tips of the storm and pushing it, literally, back out into the water! This is a simple visualization exercise that anyone can do, and will help! Seriously! The power of law of attraction - we need to visualize the storm being pushed away from us!

    Also, wanted to let you all know that I have been busy getting many new items ready to list!

    Here are a few of them! Sneak Peak! These are located on our eBay store, and you can simply go to eBay and type Moondancer Originals into the search box and you will find them! I think we are the ONLY sellers on eBay with these unique peace smoking pipes so GET THEM QUICK! We are trying to get more of these beauties to offer!

    These are the first ones we have on right now!

    And if you go chasing rabbits
    And you know you're going to fall
    Tell them a hookah smoking caterpillar has given you the call...