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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Witchy Musings After The Holidays! Time is Precious!

Hi there everyone!

Sorry I haven't been doing many postings lately. We have been busy, both with the general holiday season, as well as doing a bit of traveling to see family. I can truly say I did all holiday shopping online this year, because I find it generally annoying and impossible to deal with the snail traffic and attitudes of other shoppers this time of year.
Why does it seem that the one time of year that we are "supposed to" count our blessings and remember what we have, happens to have become the most stressful, materialistic, expensive, and most ruthless time of year when people are so rushed and busy that they ignore the real reason behind it. Take religion completely out of it, because obviously I don't follow the Christianity based meaning behind Christmas, but we are still supposed to look at this time of year as a time to self reflect on the past year, love our friends and family, give them little tokens of our appreciation for them, and try to treat others with more kindness.
Instead, over the last few years, I have seen businesses staying open later and not paying their employees overtime or holiday pay, (something you are obviously not going to dare to make a scene about because you are probably just happy you have a job - and believe me, they know this, and that's why they are getting away with it) people cutting other people off in traffic, having arguments over the last toy on the shelf, my personal favorite, having accidents in department store parking lots and then yelling back and forth about whose fault it is, trying to attend all the concerts, events, christmas parties, new years parties, family gatherings, while still trying to plan and grocery shop for your own family meal, and the whole thing has gone from a humbling and joy filled occasion, to an absolute Hallmark style nightmare. Pretty sad really. Although I can say I was pretty happy with my online Christmas shopping this year, not only because it didn't cost me any gas mileage, but also because it saved me so much precious time. In fact, I am not even sure I would have had gifts for anyone had I not done the shopping online, because getting from one end of my town to the other end was taking over 30 minutes alone.
Anyway, the purpose of what I was getting at is that this Christmas I spent a lot of time doing self reflection about the meaning of life and why it is so important that we realize how precious our time is. Especially with those who are older than us. I got to spend some quality time with my Uncle who is suffering from cancer and I was so glad that I did. I don't keep in touch with him like I should and we don't know whether we will get another Christmas with him, so it was a truly magickal Christmas to be able to spend with him and the rest of my family. The chemo is killing him and he knows it. But what can he do? If he stops going, the tumors grow rapidly, and when he goes, they don't grow - so in effect its not cancer that's killing him, its the chemo. But the chemo is essential to stopping its growth. Time is the most precious thing we have. I was able to give him several Reiki treatments while we were there so I am hoping that will help him some, and we will be continuing to send him distance healing as well.
On a more light note, we are finally back home and back to work, and our cats are sure happy to see us! We are going to be working with some new vessels soon, and are quite excited to see what  2013 brings us for experiences and opportunities. Has everyone created some sort of new resolution for this year? I hope you all have. I can share with you that I have chosen to work more on my own healing level. What I mean by that is that I want to clear out all of my blockages and work on healing and forgiving. I also want to strengthen my Reiki healing, as I and my family have been Reiki Masters for many years now, but recently haven't been using it as much as we should!
I want to do more personal art this year - and even work with some intuitive painting and drawing. I will be working on that and will have to post pictures as I do some. Working on a lot of new things that I will be happy to share as I get going!

Well, that's all for now. Love you all. Remember that time is precious. That's really the most important thing. You are going to remember fun times you had and memories with your loved ones, not how you "always went to work" or "put work before your family." Its those people and animals that are near to you when you are having a hard time, and we don't have nearly enough time together. Good thing we are enlightened beings, we understand more what and where our loves ones go when they pass on to another dimension, but it's still never easy.

Talk to you all soon!

xxx Rebecca