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Welcome to Moondancer Originals, where the metaphysical and paranormal realms join with everyday reality.

The “Moondancer” family, originated in Massachusetts, where their everyday lives were entangled with encounters of assisting people and animals in their quests for communication and assistance from the metaphysical, shamanic and higher realm. For over 25 years we spent our lives passionately working toward helping others seek those connections. Personal communication with our spirit guides has led us to shift our lives to the Savannah, Georgia area, where we were being called to provide our resources to many in an area where magickal vibrations and lost souls are very active and seeking assistance.

At Moondancer Originals it is our practice to always be available to our faithful customers of both the physical and nonphysical spiritual realms. Customer and client support is available with every purchase, whether of a material item or non-material, such as spells, enchantments, etc. Much of our clientele are repeat, long term customers, who contact us to cast spells for them or create custom spell and ritual kits based on their needs, or just to keep in contact with us and let us know how we have helped them months or even years later!

Our solid reputation and word of mouth referrals has brought us clients from all walks of life and many different religious beliefs. Each of these individuals have a unique situation, having experienced a vast array of different events in their lives, and for this reason they have been drawn to us, where they can seek help with their hardship or individual situation they need to try to make right or overcome. We believe in treating each of our customers as a VIP, knowing, and completely accepting that you come to us from all walks of life, both present and past. Whether you are unemployed or have a six figure income, we know that spiritually there is no difference, so we are all beautiful souls! We don’t discriminate! We are there for anyone who has an interest in the magick realm of life.

For many years our client base has slowly grown larger through our referrals, but in the past few years, with the onset and popularity of the Internet and online communication, we found ourselves more and more often reaching out to our clients through this channel. We have come to the realization that we can help far more clients, and provide more services and products by moving to an online based method of communication. We offer you, our clients a large selection of products to help you in all of your metaphysical needs!

We have been blessed in our years of serving this higher realm, to have been able to travel all around the world. Through these travels we have met some outstanding and amazingly gifted individuals. Yes, the universe has lead us to some of the most outstanding master conjurers you could hardly imagine! We have formed relationships with many of them, and they work through us, sending us things, (again both physical and nonphysical), from their covens or tribes, or that they have had in their family for years, wishing to have us pass these uniqities on to our clients. Why would they do this you ask? Let us tell you! It is because we, and others like ourselves, understand that we have been given a gift from the universe! We are the blessed recipients of “the gift”, and we understand that we have been called to send forth and provide help to all who request it of us, as we were put in this present moment, and in this parallel universe, at the cusp of the new age, to answer to this calling.

We are also blessed to have many, many, faithful and unique souls and customers, who have chosen to provide us with haunted or spellbound, (and sometimes djinn), that they no longer feel they should possess. This happens because the spirit has completed it’s service to them, and is wishing to move to the next chosen recipient they are destined to be joined with. It is through us that we are able to make these special offerings, and united the intended new owner with the spirit to is destined to it.

We also accept and pass on many haunted items and djinns that our clients have received in various different situations, and are not sure how to handle or what to do with them. Our knowledge of those objects is limited to whatever we are told by the client and what we can ascertain through our communication with the haunted spirit, djinn, or whatever the entity might be that is spellbound to the object.

Yes, we are greatly blessed to have ongoing relationships with such wonderful people, and we will continue to accept and be of service to those of you who are called, (or asked by the spirit itself), to be passed on through the universe through us to their next destiny. If you are called to do this, please email us with the details and a photo, so that we can communicate with our guides to be sure we are the channel the item is destined to travel through before we take the object and entity contained in it to pass on.

We are discreet! We keep all of our bidders IDs private, so that you can feel comfortable with your purchases. We will make every attempt on our part to hide your identity, however, please know that when you leave us feedback your ID will be visible, but not the item you purchased. Also, if we leave you feedback in return, that feedback will be visible in your feedback. Because we are an Internet based business, we depend on positive feedback from our clients. If you prefer, you can leave us feedback, and request that we DO NOT leave you any feedback, which could be seen by someone looking at your ID and purchases. If you DO NOT want us to leave you any feedback because you do not want anyone to try to research what you might have purchased from us, or see the store where you purchased an item, please send us a message to let us know and we will withhold doing that. If, for any reason, you are not happy with an item, because you feel that it was described inaccurately, please contact us before leaving a neutral or negative feedback, so that we can discuss and correct the problem! Our goal and commitment, as directed to us from the universe, is to provide exceptional service to our clients and be a channel of contact through us for you to your universal destiny.

You, as our client, do not have to be an expert in the metaphysical or paranormal field, or even be gifted in this world. We have very few restrictions when it comes to who we allow to purchase from us. We only ask, that in order to purchase our items, you believe in them. Magick, in the form of good luck, coincidence, manifestation, spellcasting, blessing, prayer, spirits, guides, totems, angels, faeries, energy, mojo, etc. is everywhere, and in everything. You only have to believe and ask for it. As long as you are open and receptive to receiving and experiencing what these sources have to offer you, we welcome you to make your purchases through us. We also require that you must be 18 years of age or older to purchase items (both physical and nonphysical, from our store).

We pride ourselves in only offering items that we know are authentic. There are many different sellers claiming to be selling “haunted” or “active spirit” items. Truly haunted or magickal items are very real, and should be taken seriously. They are not for those who are skeptical, or nonbelievers. They are not for those under the age of 18. If you do not believe, then you will not see results. Performing rituals, making spells work, and bonding with spirit bound items requires a tremendous amount of belief and effort on the part of both the caster and the user. This cannot be accomplished by someone who is not willing to put that belief and energy focus forth.

For years we have worked successfully with those who have believed, and these clients and customers have seen results. We look forward to continuing to do so for many more to come. If you do not feel drawn to our magick items, we would prefer that you not bid on them. We find that most people who have been drawn, on their own accord to something, get the best results from it. Everything happens for a reason. Only you would know what that reason is. If it is speaking to you, get it. If it is not, or if you are not sure you believe, then please don’t. It upsets us greatly when we are trying to please a skeptic. Your belief must come from within you.

Also, we do NOT participate in the slander or negative talk regarding any other metaphysical practitioners or providers of any kind. We do not contribute to any message boards, web forums, or blogs where that has been taking place. It is most unfortunate that nonbelievers and others are using those means to try to defame and question the validity of many wonderful and authentic providers, many who are currently doing business on EBay or other websites, and are undeserving of this type of slander, and we will not be a part of it.

We base our work and passion in this business on our positive energy and the love that we send to all of our clients and spirits. We have found that when you operate with the warm energies of goodness and of a higher understanding, all things are possible. We only send positive energies and light to our customers, spirits, and other metaphysical cohorts.

During this ever-changing time on our Earth, we have noticed several things that we would love for our customers to message us with their thoughts on as well. We believe we have reached a new age of enlightenment . . . In which people all over the world are starting to question the things that they have forever blindly believed . . .One where people are starting to rub their eyes and open them wider to see what is going on in the world today. To see what we have been doing to the Earth in ways of negativity, pollution and contamination. Those of us who are called by the universe are starting to piece it together. We are seeing many life altering events becoming more and more frequent . . . the earthquakes, the flooding, the tsunamis, tornadoes and hurricanes, and other devastating acts of nature. The oil spill and the nuclear power plant explosion are not things we can be blind to any longer. This is a wakeup call. This is an awakening. 11:11. 2012. It has been long predicted in the Mayan calendar and various other models of prediction.

When you are deciding whether or not to purchase an item, just look within yourself. You, and you alone will tell you whether something is right for you. We will continue to be here for you, to answer your questions and give you advice to the best of our ability, and to offer you the best of authentic magick items and supplies from all over the world.

Blessed Be, Namaste, Ahimsa, Peace . . .

Moondancer Originals
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