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Friday, January 11, 2013

Grumblings at 11 pm

Alright, back to the bitchin witchy grumblings for the evening. I don't mean to be a downer but I feel that my head is being done in lately keeping these things to myself. First, I will show you a picture that pretty much somes up how I have been feeling. If you are like myself, you probably have that one family member or friend that spends a ton of time complaining about their significant other, acting like they need to "replace" the person, or putting that person down. I honestly think it's so incredibly off putting!

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Second little note, is that I would like to point out that just because someone doesn't produce "enough" income to make you "happy" doesn't mean that they aren't perfect for you. Honestly, I thought we had gotten past the times when women felt that they were entitled to stay home and only cook and clean, and moved on to a better time, where people worked together as partners and cared for one another. Pshh. Wow. The last month I have dealt with three different individuals, all of whom think they are entitled to complain about their boyfriends and husbands, just because they don't make as much income as they would like, and although they have no character complaints to speak of, they are intentionally dating other people who have high incomes, just so they won't have to work anymore.

This is very annoying to me. Not like I can really tell them that though, because it certainly wouldn't be received in the right way, so it's best I just talk to myself, here, instead. Getting it out of my system. Yeah, as a female, it's lovely to have a dream of a white knight and a life of leisure, but honestly, what's wrong with a Knight that makes a fair amount of money, maybe isn't rich, but treats his woman like a queen? What's wrong with that? I would think it would be more important to have a mentally healthy relationship, then one that is solely focused on material objects and financial freedom. Would we all love to have no financial worries? Of course! But why do some females still think it is the male "job" to provide all of the income for the family?

A little history lesson that most people with common sense already can deduce, but back in the day the REASON women were at home caring for the children and cooking, happened to primarily be because women were not equally treated, nor equally paid in the workplace. Obviously, it made more sense to let the men go off to work and make the large income, then to bother having the woman do the same job at the same workplace for quite a bit less. However, and important movement in American history involved ourselves, WOMEN, asking and protesting for women's rights and equality. WE said that we WANTED to work for the same pay and to be given the same considerations as the men, yet it still seems that some of my friends think they are being unfairly treated because they just MIGHT have to work, and somehow that has made their boyfriends and husbands inadequate as people. Sorry, but I just don't agree with that.

And on another note, don't people ever stop to think how their treating their partners has an emotional impact on the person? I mean, come on, you can't believe that your boyfriend, or spouse, went to work and said,"No, don't give me a raise, I'm quite content with my current earnings." And all three of the individual men/guys that I am thinking of actually make a fair amount of income, and pretty steady too. It's not as if they aren't providing, it's just that they are subject to their economy as any other poor bloke is right now.

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I feel like instead of supporting and sticking by one another, I am seeing an increase in divorce and separation, because there is too much emphasis being put on materialistic ideals and no longer on love. Sorry for this rant everyone, but this is the third day in a row that people have been complaining about their sorry incomes and how they are "tired of being broke" and "need to find a man with real money." I feel like starting to say to people, "And what have you contributed to the situation?" I think people choose to see what they wish. They point their fingers and blame something, someone, anything else, rather than accept that they need to take a more active and concrete role in their own lives. Further yourself, get an education, get a job. If you are having trouble, don't immediately assume that it's not your own fault. That is all.

I'm in no way saying one should sell herself short or lower her standards. I wouldn't. I wouldn't go purposely picking out a bloke that had nothing going for him, for manifestation is one of the biggest keys to getting what you want out of life. All I am saying is that when you are in an incredibly loving relationship, and the only thing that you have to complain about it money, unless you are with someone who is not working at all, and refusing to help, I feel like you should at least look at what you can do to improve your own situation rather than throw away a good thing for dollar signs. Their are plenty of wealthy people that aren't nice people. It's as simple as that.

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I think so many people forget this!
Goodnight All :)