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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Energy Chant To Try

A chant to feel positive and more energized.
First thing in the morning, while the sun is rising, light a yellow annointed candle, and chant: I am healthy, strong, and energized. I am so full of joy, energy, and spirit that I have tons to share with others. I draw up energy from the earth. I fill myself and am happy. I am awake and alert, full of energy and enthusiasm. I feel great. I feel healthy. I feel fantastic. I am energetic and full of vitality. I allow nature to nourish me. I take time to fuel all levels of my being. I have all the energy of the universe inside me, and need only let it out, let it flow Repeat until you feel energized. Leave the candle burning. (In a safe and non-fire hazardous palce of course.)

This was contributed on Spells of Magic from Phoenixnite.